Need to demonstrate compliance for registration purposes or to respond to an audit item?

Need to ensure your team adheres to compliance requirements (either internal or regulatory)?

We built Proceeda after working in a heavily-regulated industry. Everything was prescribed; timings, what had to be done, and by whom. Everything was driven by regulatory requirements, and the team was managing with paper, many folders, and boxes full of paper. Loads and loads of boxes!

After spending time supporting this Melbourne-based organisation to better understand and define their compliance requirements (which, by the way, they loved us doing!), we knew it could be done better. Much, much better.

This is the exact moment we decided to build Proceeda.

We believe that individuals, teams and organisations need a solution that supports all their compliance requirements in a simple and easy manner. A solution that isn’t paper-based, can be easily updated and has a permanent (and easily retrieved) set of records. We committed to building an app, taking all paper-based activities and making them digital. Making anyone that used it – super compliant.

Proceeda takes all of our experience, learnings from multiple industries across many years, and feedback from multiple clients, large and small. Everything distilled into a simple, yet powerful, app.

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Perhaps it’s time for you to take the paper out of paperwork?