We’ve received some great feedback over the last 12 months regarding Proceeda, but also about the help and support we’ve provided a range of people, teams and companies.

In fact, we’ve received so much feedback (especially feedback like ‘you should help people with this stuff as well!’), we’ve decided to expand Proceeda to include a range of services such as;

  • DESIGN: Several of our recent clients haven’t known where to start when defining their processes and procedures. It can be a difficult task, especially if everything exists in people’s heads. We’ve been helping organisations, of all different shapes and sizes, with process and procedure mapping for over 20 years. We can help you as well!
  • DOCUMENT: How many times have you looked at a drawing or flowchart on a wall and thought – how do I get this onto paper? What’s the correct way to document this? Who in my team can do this for me? Well, so have the people we’ve been working with over the last 12 months. So, we’re now offering this service! You don’t need to be a Proceeda subscriber, just someone that needs this work done. You can even send us images of what you have, and we’ll convert it for you. We also consider who the process or procedure is being designed for, then work with you to develop a tool that suits them. From simple Placemats, Quick Reference Guides or even Posters that detail the process or procedure in a manner that is easily followed. We even have a graphic design team we can get to help out as well!
  • MANAGE: Perhaps you have all of above in place, but just need a team to manage your process and procedures? Not a group on site every day, but a dedicated team that can make your required changes in a quick and efficient manner. Even remotely. Proceeda now also offers a complete Process and Procedure Support service. Need something updated? Perhaps there’s been a regulatory change, or a new office started up? Maybe someone in your team has identified improvements? Let us update your process and procedure materials for you. We can be your support team, and you only need to engage us when you need us.
  • OUR PLATFORM: We designed our 40 years of experience into a single platform. A platform where everything stored, managed, performed and recorded in a single location. Need help getting your current processes or procedures into Proceeda? Of course! Just get in touch and we can help you with all of this.

And just like a hamburger, you can pick and choose what you want from above – or simply ask us for one with the lot!

Get in touch at info@proceeda.com and we’d be happy to discuss the support options we can provide you.