We found many companies that start using Proceeda, usually do for one or two procedures only. But as they realise the benefits of the platform, they look to extend their use across other parts of their organisation.

We made sure we catered for this extension by including a team feature.

This team feature sounds simple enough, but it has several key uses when you start creating teams for your organisation:

  • Enables a team construct, ensuring users are grouped correctly (Proceeda also caters for a user being in more than one team – because we know, as a small biz ourselves, sometimes you need to wear more than one hat!)
  • A team can be assigned as the owner of a procedure template (rather than an individual)
  • Visibility of procedures can be restricted by teams – so your Legal or Finance team can have procedures only they can see!

And we’ve made team updates super easy. We get that people move around, so it’s easy to manage a person’s membership of your teams.

Have any questions or feedback regarding our team feature?

Drop us a note on our contact page or directly at info@proceeda.com