Your procedures. Simplified.

Proceeda enables companies to easily document, manage and perform their procedures from a central location. This improves efficiency, ensures consistency and enables teams to manage and improve their performance. Our platform is different from all other procedure documentation and Business Process Management (BPM) tools; it actually brings your procedures to life.

Cloud and low-cost

Teams located everywhere, some possibly overseas? All using different procedure versions at different times?

Proceeda is a cloud-based platform, allowing disparate and off-shore teams to access your organisation’s procedures from anywhere, at anytime, on any device.


Are your standard procedures trapped inside people’s heads? Are standard procedures performed differently each time?

Proceeda enables organisations to detail and share their procedures from a central cloud location. Categorise your procedures, and set-up teams to ensure controlled visibility. Update and release new versions easily, even at scheduled dates in the future.


Are your organisation’s procedures a mess? Different versions and documents spread everywhere?

Use our platform to centralise your procedures into a single library, ensuring that everyone is using the right version at the right time.


Are your procedure results captured in different ways, or not at all? Do you have problems finding the result of what was done?

All procedure results are stored centrally, including the individual step results. A timeline provides easy and simple snapshot for a procedure’s execution history, or review the procedure results in detail.


Is it difficult for people to provide feedback or suggest improvements for your organisation’s procedures?

A feedback function that enables your organisation to continually improve its procedures, as your needs or business scenarios change. This function ensures that your business procedures are always up to date, and your teams are fully engaged.


Need to leverage standard templates to get your procedure library started? Have current documentation, but not sure where to start?

A continually evolving library of procedure templates is available for all proceeda subscribers. The proceeda team is also happy to take your current documentation, document them in proceeda and release them directly to you to refine and use.

Take the first step in digitising your business