Frequently asked questions

Common Q&A

Absolutely. There is no pre-installed software or propriety applets required to be on your computer to use Proceeda. All you need is one of the standard web browsers (I.E., Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc) and an internet connection and you're away.
Proceeda is a multi device application that can be used on all screen sizes, from a mobile phones, tablets and the largest desktop.
As a SaaS (Software as a Service) based company, we generally provide services to our clients through our online channel only, whereby customers can gain access to a free trial version and handle all onboarding directly. We do consider each request for a more hands on approach on their merits and how practical this is for us, so please get in touch via our Contact Us page.

Security Q&A

All your information is stored on servers located on the Australian mainland, backed up each night for extra security.
Yes we do, no password you enter can be seen by anyone in our company.
Yes we do. Please see the link on our webpage footer to see the full document.
Yes, we use standard SSL security protocols across all of our site