A Melbourne based AV installer was having trouble managing its Job Close Out procedure, including records filing and the notification of staff members. Their current method for performing a Job Close Out was inconsistent, not of a high quality standard and the ability for management to review jobs (and the procedure itself) was limited.

What tool did they use to solve this problem?  Excel – in an attempt to keep a track of activity and installations.

Note: many similarities between some of these challenges and the key reasons we believe small to medium sized companies should be using procedures.


Proceeda was implemented, with a central user to manage a small set of procedures. After some initial refinement with the Proceeda Management Support team, these procedures have been working for 8 weeks with immediate effect.  Records are now more consistently filed and management have a readily available view of the status of each Job Close Out procedure – in real time.

Proceeda’s reporting capability has also enabled easy identification of procedure steps that consistently cause problems, and therefore enables a highly proactive resolution path of these issues.


Buoyed by the success and ease of transition to Proceeda, this customer has expanded its use into other areas of the organisation, including employee on-boarding and other weekly critical but dispersed actions for management in various areas of the organisation.

“We’re now seeing Proceeda as an integral part of our company…essentially a platform on which we can define and run many parts of our business. This will allow us to grow and scale with a lot more ease”

(AV Installation company MD)