A recent survey by Korn Ferry (here) noted that between 10-25% of new employees leave within the first six months.

Key reason? The role wasn’t what they expected.

A key method to address this issue is to make the onboarding of all your new employees seamless, easy and personalised. Clearly describing their role in your business and articulating short-term goals you want them to achieve. A well executed onboarding procedure supports engagement and retention.

In fact, your goal is to cover off the four C’s with your onboarding activity:

  • Compliance: the tasks and documents you must do. Not only performing them, but storing them as well is critical (for evidentiary purposes)
  • Clarification: clearly articulating what the new employee’s role is and what they need to do in their first few weeks or months
  • Culture: an introduction into the way the team or organisation works, so the new starter can better navigate their way through any traditions or nuances
  • Connection: integrating the new employee, ensuring they feel part of the team

The best way to do this? A defined procedure, ensuring all steps you require are performed. What a great first experience and introduction to your organisation!

To make this super easy, we’ve defined the procedure template for you. Watch our short clip to see how easy it is to get your HR onboarding procedure up and running in just over 60 seconds!